Our professional caregivers and nurses are trained in and have extensive experience with managing patients that have suffered a stroke. In addition to managing medications, our professional caregivers and nurses can help you manage your condition and quality of life.

Fall Prevention & Stability Monitoring

Our professional caregivers can help to monitor your ambulation to ensure the latest best practices in fall prevention are adhered to. Stability monitoring is critical for stroke patients, and our caregivers can help you remain safe in your own home, wherever home may be. Close supervision by a caregiver can make a substantial impact in managing your condition.

Improve safety even when a caregiver isn't around. We have partnered with Phillips Lifeline to provide remote monitoring. Receive FREE activation and shipping from Phillips with promo code "FamilyTree."

Managing Aphasia

Over 2 million Americans suffer from Aphasia, an acquired communication disorder that impairs a person’s ability to process language (but does not affect intelligence). Our professional caregivers are trained and experienced in modifying communication to ease the burdens of Aphasia.

Regular Reinforcement of Physician’s Plan of Care

Our professional caregivers can help you manage the plan of care set up by your physician. Home health may come in for a period of time for intermittent visits, and Family Tree can fill in all the gaps between doctor visits and home health visits to ensure the plan of care is adhered to, including medication management, therapy reinforcement, and safety engagement.