Our professional caregivers and nurses are trained in and have extensive experience with managing patients with CHF. In addition to managing medications, our professional caregivers and nurses can help you manage your condition and quality of life.

Monitoring Blood Pressure and Weight

Our professional caregivers are specifically trained to monitor and recognize changes in condition that can lead to serious complications if not addressed immediately. These warning signs include, but are not limited to, increased blood pressure (a sign of increased complications with the heart) and sudden weight gain (a sign of fluid accumulation).

Monitoring Edema and Swelling

Edema from congestive heart failure is a result of the heart’s inability to pump blood and fluids back through the cardiovascular system. This results in the abnormal pooling of fluid in tissues or the accumulation of excess interstitial fluids. Our caregivers are trained to monitor Edema and its associated swelling in the ankles, legs, and feet. Additionally, our caregivers will monitor abdominal pain or swelling, another sign that your condition is worsening and medical attention is required.

Monitoring Other Symptoms Such as Shortness of Breath

Our professional caregivers can help you triage concerns associated with CHF such as monitoring shortness of breath while at rest, a dry, hacking cough or wheezing, dizzy or fainting spells, and increased fatigue or feeling unwell all the time. Shortness of breath is a sign of fluid accumulation and congestion in the lungs, and could require immediate action by a caregiver.