Holistic Approach

Our life care managers serve as the primary point of contact and collaborate with family members and all relevant service providers. We embrace a holistic approach to managing quality of life by treating every client as a whole, focusing on 6 areas of well-being:

The 6 Pillars of Our Holistic Life Care Management

An aging relative will require ongoing care and assistance to ensure their health and well-being are well looked after. A Life Care Manager (also known as an Aging Life Care professional) specializes in elder care management. They work one-on-one with the aging client, the client’s families, and the client themselves to support elderly clients with a range of tasks.

Family Tree Life Care Management services adopt a holistic approach to creating a care plan for your elderly loved one. 

1. Legal

We are here to support the wishes of our aging clients. Our professional Aging Life Care managers will direct you to the best attorneys, estate planners, and Power of Attorneys.

2. Family

We understand that our clients' family members may not all be in the same region. Our Life Care managers will act as a liaison to family members who are not always be there to care for their aging relatives.

3. Emotional

When it comes to mental health, companionship and social engagements are of the utmost importance. Family Tree Aging Life Care managers can provide seniors with the companionship they need to maintain their emotional and mental health.

4. Medical

Our geriatric care managers will ensure your elderly relative receives the medical support they need to thrive. This can include taking clients to appointments, monitoring their health, and providing medication on time.

5. Social

We educate and encourage our Aging Life Care clients to seek new hobbies and be a part of social events. Hobbies and activities not only promote a healthier lifestyle, but it can give an aging person a purposeful life.

6. Financial

All our geriatric care professionals can oversee clients financially. We can assist clients in many aspects of their financial concerns. This includes managing bills and payments as well as insurance plans and claims.

Is Management Life Care Right for You?

We understand that seeking the assistance of a Life Care management service may seem daunting. Families with aging relatives are not sure if our Life Care management services are right for them. So, when would you require a life care manager? And how do you know if our services are right for you? While there are many scenarios for when a Life Care manager may be needed, we have summarized perhaps some more common ones.

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Life Care Management Services

Our professional life care managers work like a concierge to guide you through the complex maze of care needs associated with aging and disability. We offer a holistic approach to care, including the following services:

Liaison During Medical Appointments

Facilitate, coordinate and attend appointments with healthcare providers.

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Full-Service Coordination

Coordinate community, financial, legal, medical, personal care, moving, and other third party resources.

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Check on well-being and act as a liaison to families at a distance, making sure things are going well and alerting families to problems.

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Benefits Facilitation

Review healthcare benefits and liaison with insurance carriers to maximize coverage opportunities while maintaining communication with family and responsible parties.

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Medication Management

Create & maintain comprehensive medication list and observe compliance & monitor supply on-hand.

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Manage Transitions

Coordinate and organize transitional care needs including hospital discharge planning, rehabilitation, home health care, assisted living, in-home assessments, care planning, and medication oversight.

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Why Hire a Professional Life Care Manager?

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Our life care managers can help you avoid hasty decisions that might prove unnecessary or overly expensive by helping you plan ahead and evaluate cost effective solutions for managing care and living arrangements.

Make Better Decisions

Our interdisciplinary team relies on experienced care management professionals from different backgrounds including social work, nursing, mental health, and gerontology. With over 100 years of collective experience, we can help you no matter how complex your situation is.

Relieve Stress & Burden

We know that caring for an aging loved one is stressful and emotionally difficult – we have been in your shoes. Let our compassionate and knowledgeable life care managers help guide you and your family through this challenging time.

A geriatric care manager goes over a plan of care for elderly woman

Psychological and Medical Problems Arise

The family member you are caring for suffers from psychological and medical problems. In such cases, the ill family member may have difficulty with daily tasks and cannot live safely in their home environment.

When Family Are Far Away

Families caring for their elders may not always be within the same region as them. Many family members caring for their elderly mother, father, or grandparent worry about their daily well-being and mental health. A senior manager can help take away the stress and worry of leaving your elderly family member alone. Our professional can:

  • Serve as a resource in cases of emergency.
  • They can create a life care management plan catered specially to your older family members. 
  • Visit your aging family member regularly, so they don’t feel alone.

At-home healthcare provider speaking with her patient while wearing a facemask for COVID-19.
Female home caregiver talking with a senior woman with Alzheimer's, sitting in the living room and listening to her carefully.

Alleviate Social Isolation

Today, social isolation has become a significant problem among aging family members. A lack of socialization will lead to mental health concerns such as depression, early onset of dementia, and anxiety. At Family Tree Life Care Management, we recognize the importance of socialization to one’s health. Our compassionate and professional Life Care managers will help your aging relatives stay connected to the ones they love and cherish to alleviate social isolation. But it doesn’t stop there. Our Life Care managers will also encourage and introduce your family members to participate in engaging hobbies that boost their self-confidence, improve their mental health, and, most important, give them purpose.

When Caregivers Burn Out, We Step In.

If you are an adult child caring for your senior parent, we know that you may face many challenges. Adults caring for their aging parents must find time to balance their lives while ensuring their parents’ mental health and well-being are well looked after. Taking care of your elderly parents can result in emotional and physical burn-out, which is nothing to be ashamed of. Caring for the elderly or disabled is a lucrative and stressful job, so a burn-out may be inevitable. Our Life Care managers train to take on multiple lucrative tasks. We can provide resources, guidance, and care for our Life Care management clients so you will be able to rest easy.

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What We Do

Aging Life Care Services We Offer

We are more than just a life enrichment manager. We are professionals who believe in creating balanced enriched life home care for the elderly and disabled. Family Tree Life Care Manager offers a range of services.

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Liaison During Medical Appointments

Do you have trouble navigating the medical system? Do you need help getting to a doctor’s appointment?

We understand that communicating with your physician and resolving your health concerns can be a difficult task. One might face many obstacles as they age, forgetting an appointment, attending a doctor’s appointment, and remembering to take your medication. Our team of skilled life care managers understands the in’s and out’s of the medical system. They are here to help you make informed decisions about your health and well-being, so you won’t have to worry.

A senior man in his home speaking to a doctor in scrubs about senior kidney health.

Full-Service Coordination

Is your loved one facing a difficult medical condition? Do they struggle to get in and out of a hospital?

At Family Tree, our aging life care professionals advocate on behalf of your loved one. Our team of professional aging life care managers utilizes their vast knowledge, experience, and expertise to help guide individuals toward making the best decision for their health and well-being.

Our aging life care managers not only assist you and your loved ones with health care advice. But, they can also act as a neutral family member who can help you decide if you need a second opinion, which discharges option best suits your needs, or whether or not it’s an appropriate time to consider beneficial services such as palliative or hospice related care.

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Monitoring their Home Life Care

As part of our life care management services, the aging life care professional you choose will ensure your loved one remains well looked after. Monitoring is an essential service provided by Family Tree, from checking in on the well-being of a loved to alerting families to concern issues. Additionally, our life care managers work to ensure caregiver performance meets the appropriate requirements.

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Certified Care Managers Assist with Medication Management

Our life care managers will create and maintain a comprehensive medication list, observe compliance, and monitor supply on hand.

The Senior Care Management Process and Planning

Family Tree Life Care management provides services you can trust. Our team of geriatric care managers makes the process of transitioning to elderly care planning stress-free.

A caregiver leaning over to speak with a senior man in a wheelchair.

Our Aging Life Care Professionals Assess Your Situation

Family Tree, home care experts, will conduct a free consultation with you and your loved ones. We conduct all consultations in-person to ensure you get a good understanding of our Life Care management services.

We Match you to the Best Life Care Manager.

We will match you to aging life care managers that best fit your needs and schedule. All of our senior life care managers receive screening, training and are fully insured.

Your Life Care Manager will Provide Elder Care Planning and OnGgoing Support.

Your dedicated Life Care manager will work one-on-one with you and your loved one to ensure you receive a personalized care plan for the elderly at home.