As we age, most of us we will need help with our ADL’s (basic care needs) or our IADL’s (skills that allow us to live independently).  As seniors age, there might come a time for senior assistance. If your loved one can manage their ADL’s like eating, bathing or dressing, then they are able to live independently. However, there might be some other skills that they might need a little help with like grocery shopping, driving, or cooking. When that becomes the case, it might be time to look into senior home care assistance.

Most seniors don’t want to lose their independence, but their need for assistance increases. First and foremost, you want to ensure the health and safety of an aging senior. Most people aren’t sure where to start when considering senior independent living assistance. A good place to start is to sit down with your loved one and ask them where they think they might need some extra assistance. Walk through their house and make notes of things that could use a little more care. Always be sure to ensure them that the assistance is just to help maintain their independence and autonomy while in the comforts of their own home. As long as they are not in need of a nurse 24 hours a day, senior assistance is a great option.  

There are a lot of great senior in-home care agencies that can help your loved one with some of their day-to-day activities. They can help them with paying bills, managing medications, and even help your loved one maintain a social life or even help with exercise. Make a list of items that your loved one needs help with. When speaking with in-home senior care agencies, make sure that they are qualified for the care of your loved one. You will want to be sure they are licensed and insured, provide background checks, and are available to you or your loved one 24/7. Always check references as well! Set up a time for an in-home visit so that you can meet the person who will be caring for them and to be sure that they will be a good fit.

With aging comes the loss of some abilities. Maybe your eyesight has started to diminish and you can’t see the recipe to cook or you can’t read the label on your medication. Whatever the need, there are people and agencies out there who can help with senior home care. Independence is important to all of us. It can get frustrating when things don’t come easily to us as they once did. No one should be embarrassed to ask for extra help. When your loved one’s IADL’s start to diminish, it is time to start looking into getting them some extra care. Be sure to do your homework and make sure your loved one is involved in the process.