Long-Term Care Insurance Management

Complimentary for Clients

Services provided:

  1. Verification of Benefits
  2. Pre-evaluation (assessment)
  3. Complete necessary forms to initiate services
  4. Fax over required documents (Copy of License, Assessment, Service Plan, and W-9 form)

Program 1

Services provided:

  1. Mailing/faxing invoices to insurance carrier
  2. Mailing/faxing care logs to insurance carrier
  3. Gathering and completing care logs
  4. Tracking system for delivery of payments
  5. Handle all communication required for insurance carrier
  6. Train caregivers on how to accurately complete care logs
  7. Client is reimbursed by the insurance company

Program 2

Services provided:

  1. Same services as Program 1
  2. Family Tree directly bills the insurance carrier, assuming assignments of benefits (client is responsible if care is required outside the coverage limits)
  3. Fax over W-9

Long-Term Care Insurance: FAQs

Q: Will my Long-Term Care (LTC) insurance pay for services with Family Tree In-Home Care?

A: Yes – depending on the client’s individual plan, LTC coverage will pay for in-home care (caregivers) with Family Tree In-Home Care.

Q: What is the elimination period on my policy?

A: The elimination period is like a deductible where you are responsible for paying the full portion until your coverage begins. The elimination period is calculated either by calendar days or actual days of care. You can start care 3–4 days a week for 4–5 hours a day to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses during your elimination period and expand care as needed once the elimination period ends and coverage has kicked in.

Q: What is the maximum daily benefit?

A: Usually $80 – $300 a day. Maximum daily benefit is the maximum amount your policy will reimburse for each day. Find out if your policy has an inflation rider which can significantly increase your maximum daily benefit. Also, inquire about the anniversary date on which the policy increases each year.

Q: Which is the maximum lifetime benefit?

A: Most policies state the maximum lifetime benefits in terms of days or dollars. Find out which your plan uses.

Q: Can Family Tree file my LTC insurance on my behalf?

A: Absolutely. We are happy to initiate the claim for you. Your Care Advisor will discuss the different packages we offer as part of our services.

Q: How often will LTC insurance be filed with Family Tree?

A: Billing and LTC insurance take place concurrently, every other week. A billing calendar will be provided to
you before the start of care.

Q: What are the benefits of Family Tree filing my LTC insurance on my behalf?

A: Family Tree will always initiate a claim once we receive the required information to do so. Our added support services can relieve you or your family member from the burden of tracking, completing, and submitting care logs and invoices to your LTC insurance company on a biweekly basis.

Q: How long will it be before the LTC insurance company pays out an invoice?

A: Most LTC insurance companies take 5 to 7 business days to upload the documents received into their system and send them off to the processing department. Once the processing department reviews the
care logs and dates of service, it can take anywhere from 7 to 10 business days to receive the funds.

Q: Who should I contact if I have any further questions related to LTC insurance?

A: To support our clients, Family Tree provides a dedicated LTC insurance team who can assist in answering any further questions. You may reach this team by emailing billing@familytreeinhomecare.com.

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