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You’re concerned about the care of your loved one and we know how that feels. That's why we created Family Tree, Houston’s most trusted name in-home care. To learn more about us, watch our video below.

What We Do

Below are our concierge care services at Family Tree In-Home Care Houston:


You are provided with a dedicated care professional and supported 24/7 at no additional cost with supervisory visits from a private care concierge and clinical oversight from a registered nurse.

Private Nursing

Our nurses can directly care for your loved one with some of the following medical needs: medication administration, gastrostomy feeding tube, moderate wound care, catheters, pain management, and much more.

Life Care Management

With our premium concierge service, an expert care manager will advocate for your family’s medical, insurance, legal and wellness needs while navigating the complexities of the healthcare system.

Family Tree In-Home Care in Houston:

We can help with just about anything…

Personal Care

Bathing, dressing, grooming including washing hair and brushing teeth, toileting, and transference into and out of beds and wheelchairs.

Disease Management

Our Caregivers and Private Nurses receive specialized training to help manage a variety of diseases and chronic illnesses, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, MS, Diabetes, and COPD.


Allow us to transport your loved one to hospital visits, get home after a hospital stay, run errands, visit friends and family, and more.


Allow us to help your loved one prevent social isolation with one-on-one positive interactions to explore passions, engage with the community, or plan a social visit.

Medication Management

Allow a Caregiver to help with medication reminders, while a Private Nurse can handle full medication management and administration.

Full-Service Coordination

Allow a Life Care Manager to coordinate community, financial, legal, medical, personal care, moving, and other third party resources.

Meal Prep & Light Housekeeping

A Caregiver can help with grocery shopping, preparing meals according to a doctor-ordered diet, laundry, light housekeeping, and pet care.

Skilled Nursing Tasks

Allow a Private Nurse to aid with insulin injections, blood sugar monitoring, g-tube feedings, moderate wound care, health monitoring and more.


Our Life Care Managers will check on your well-being and act as a liaison to families, making sure things are going well and alerting families to problems.

Providing Senior Care in Houston

With our senior care services, your loved one can have the convenience of staying in the comfort of their homes while receiving quality care services from our expert care professionals. Ensuring their health, safety, and overall wellbeing is our utmost priority.

We provide a wide range of senior care services such as bathing, basic housekeeping, restroom needs, assisting them during meals and much more. Our team of professional caregivers are trustworthy, compassionate and highly reliable with years of experience in providing the needs of seniors and those living with disabilities.

We know that each client is different, our team of senior care professionals will assess and evaluate the client and develop a personalized care plan that will fit their special needs.

Feel free to contact us anytime and speak with one of our friendly senior care professionals and see if in-home care is right for you.

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Offering Elderly Home Care in Houston

Family Tree In-Home Care offers a personalized senior home care service that will fit you or your loved one’s needs. Our staff of dedicated home care professionals are ready to assist you with all of your inquiries and concerns. Contact us now and speak to one of our representatives and learn more about the quality of our in-home care services.

We offer dressing assistance, grocery shopping, medication reminders, respite care, monitoring your diet and much more. We also offer a free consultation with one of our professional care advisors that will help guide you through the entire process and review your loved one’s needs.

Certified Private Duty Nursing in Houston

We also provide private nursing services for those clients who prefer a more advanced care plan near the Houston area.

By providing quality and top-notch private in-home nursing care, we can:

  • Reduce health-related expenses
  • Improve the overall health of our clients
  • Lower the chances of re-hospitalization

Services included are IV management and infusions, g-tube, wound care, catheter care and much more.

We have high standards, that’s why we only hire the finest and most compassionate nurses to assist our clients in the comfort of their homes.

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Leading Private In-Home Health Care in Houston

Our team of professional health care providers will collaborate with you on developing a customized care plan for your senior; they will help identify short or long-term health and wellness goals or if they need a more complex plan of care such as daily assistance or private nursing.

One of our experts will match you with one of our private caregivers that has the required skills, education and personality to fit your loved one’s needs. Aside from improving your senior’s welfare, we also want to make sure that we give you the peace of mind in knowing that your loved one is in the right hands.