How to Have a Safe Thanksgiving for Seniors 3

Thanksgiving is all about reminiscing, reflecting, and togetherness. For seniors, this can be a challenge due to memory issues, health concerns, or family members living far away. Celebrating the holidays with your senior loved ones can also be overwhelming.

During the holiday season, things like a break from routine, missing medications, and diet changes can pose challenges for seniors. Here are a few ways to keep your holiday plans senior-friendly and make sure everyone in your family has a safe holiday.

If your senior has memory-related problems, a disrupted routine can prove problematic. Try writing down a schedule for the day to keep your loved one in the know. You can also set reminders on your phone or use a traditional pill organizer to make sure you don’t miss a medication dose. This can help keep your senior on their routine, even during the craziness that is the holiday season.

Make sure your holiday feast includes some healthy options. It’s easy to change up your favorite meals and make them low-sodium or low-fat. One of the most important things to remember when feeding an older adult is to include options from all the food groups. Try offering a lean meat, like turkey, and vegetables high in nutrients, like sweet potatoes. Making healthy eating choices this Thanksgiving is a simple way to make sure your holiday is inclusive and safe for seniors.

Although the holiday season can be fast-paced, make sure your senior doesn’t over exert themselves. You can prevent this by including down time and encouraging the whole family to join in and participate in activities such as crafting or watching a favorite holiday movie. Asking seniors about their holiday memories and traditions is also a fun and easy way to involve them in family social activities.

What’s the bottom line here? Make sure to keep your senior in mind when planning your Thanksgiving this year, so everyone can have a fun holiday.

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