An elderly man on supplemental oxygen with COPD sitting in a park with his wife.Have you or your loved one recently been hospitalized with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)? The return home after hospitalization with COPD can oftentimes feel overwhelming and filled with uncertainty. We at Family Tree In-Home Care can provide our services to ease the transition back home and give you or your family the high quality of care they deserve.

Did you know that approximately 22.6% of patients hospitalized with COPD are readmitted within 30 days? However, for the patients that receive at-home care following their hospitalizations their risk of readmission is drastically reduced. With the proper at-home care by Family Tree In-Home Care, we can lower the chances of readmission due to COPD, for you or your loved one. 

How Can Family Tree In-Home Care help with COPD?

Personal Care

Family Tree In-Home Care can provide the care and attention that you or your loved one requires and deserves. COPD can make even the most routine and easy tasks feel difficult and frustrating for those that have been diagnosed. Our experienced and professional caregivers can assist your loved ones with their daily routine of bathing, dressing, as well as assisting them with their medication and pulmonary rehabilitation regimen. You or your loved one will also be guided in proper nutrition and monitored in performing the required and appropriate exercises as indicated by your medical provider.

Continuous Monitoring

Our caregivers are trained to continuously monitor and track not only your loved one’s condition and progress, but also monitor their home for possible triggers or factors that could make their condition worsen.

Management of Medical Appointments

Our dedicated caregivers at Family Tree In-Home Care can assist you or your loved one with the overall successful management of your care for COPD. Caregivers will be making any necessary appointments and follow-ups, transporting to and from your medical appointments, as well as pulmonary rehabilitation appointments.

To make you or your loved one’s transition to home as smooth as possible and to prevent prolonged gaps in care please contact us at Family Tree In-Home Care for a complimentary consultation with one our care advisors to make sure that you or your loved one’s personal care and needs are met as quickly as possible.