Need a Trusted Grocery Runner and Disinfector?

Family Tree In-Home Care provides customizable concierge visits to provide whatever you may need, from grocery runs to medication pickups and everything in between. Enjoy the convenience of a concierge visit from a professional caregiver trained in infection-control.

Step 1: Call Us

Call Family Tree today to customize your concierge visit. Select a grocery run, dog walk, medication pickups, or anything else you need. No smartphone, tablet or application needed.

Step 2: We Coordinate

We’ll pair you with a professional caregiver who will confirm your concierge needs and ensure you make the most use of your concierge visit. We’re here to serve you!

Step 3: We Fulfill Your Needs

A Family Tree caregiver will fulfill the requirements of your concierge visit while wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). We can even isolate you during the visit to keep you safe.

Easy, safe, and reliable concierge services to keep you safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Contact us today to learn more about this new program we are offering.

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