What We Learned While Protecting Our Seniors from Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 and the accompanying restrictions have been an unpresented occurrence in our recent history. Family Tree In-Home Care was dedicated to continued care for seniors in our community. We met daily, changed course sometimes hourly, and never stop learning. COVID made our team stronger than ever, and we realize that those lessons learned and experience gained will help us better serve our community. And so, we want to share with you the knowledge we garnered along the way.

At Family Tree our response to COVID was immediate and unwavering. We actively monitored the developments and guidance around the spread of COVID-19. We continued to service both new and existing clients, and we added additional safety precautions to prioritize safety, including screenings prior to every shift, infection control trainings for every caregiver, and making personal protective equipment (PPE) available to every caregiver and nurse. The CDC recommended seniors stay in their homes, and Family Tree caregivers and nurses provided the crucial and flexible services that made that possible.

Together we can flatten the curve.

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

At Family Tree, we understood the importance of safety first and committed to have PPE available for every caregiver, every shift. Despite the constraints on access to PPE in the U.S., we leveraged every resource we had and found trusted suppliers who provided us gloves, masks, goggles, gowns, thermometers, and sanitizer. All PPE was made available to members of the Family Tree team. We even provided PPE to other local agencies to help protect their clients and care professionals.

Infection Control Training

Our experienced team of clinicians reviewed several training options on infection control and selected a training specific to COVID-19 that every employee in the company was required to complete and pass prior to receiving PPE. We firmly believe that this training helped to dramatically mitigate the spread of the disease to our clients and caregivers.

Nurse Check-In Visits

We offered nurse wellness check as a preventative visit to reduce the risk for complications with medical management needs. Whether our clients needed head to toe physical assessment, medication review, injections, or any other nursing needs, Family Tree’s nursing team helped provide additional peace of mind. To learn more, click here.

Virtual Life Care Management

Our life care managers (typically with advanced degrees in Gerontology or Social Work) virtually collaborated with family members and all relevant service providers, providing any support our clients needed during such a confusing and overwhelming time. Our life care managers continue to work like a concierge to guide you through the complex maze of care needs associated with aging and disability, offering a holistic approach to care. To learn how our life care managers serve as the primary point of contact and collaborate with family members and all relevant service providers, click here.

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Providing a Dedicated Caregiver Just for You

For clients who wished to severely limit their exposure outside of their home, we ensured a caregiver provided care to only one family. Upon request, we also provided a live-in caregiver to mitigate the risk of exposure to outside third parties.

Family Tree continues to offer live-in caregivers. Live-in caregivers generally are not expected to provide care during the night, but are available to respond in an emergency, and as such, live-in care is not appropriate for clients needing nighttime assistance. Additionally, our flexible scheduling supports your ability to have as few caregivers as necessary to meet your needs at home.

Employee Screenings Every Day

Family Tree rigorously conducted screenings for each care professional every 24 hours that they visited a client. Caregivers who did not pass this screening were immediately removed from all client shifts as a safety precaution and directed to follow the recommendations of their doctor on quarantine measures. An employee only returned to work once they were determined to no longer pose a risk to any client or other member of our team.

Concierge Visit and Grocery Runs

We provided customized concierge visits to provide whatever our clients needed, from grocery runs to medication pickups and everything in between.

Transitions Home

From the very beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, we helped clients safely transition home from the hospital and from senior living, even if just temporarily. We provided caregiving and nursing support to our clients in the comfort of their own home until they were ready to transition back or even indefinitely. We disinfected belongings and ensured our clients environment was safe.

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