Physician House Calls

Visiting Physicians Association 1

Family Tree has partnered with the Visiting Physician’s Association (VPA) to provides visiting doctors to perform physicians’ services in the comfort of your own home.

Services Offered

Physical Examinations

Mobile X-ray

Disease Management

Cardiology & Pulmonology Consultation

Laboratory Testing

Annual Flu Shots and Immunizations

Click here to request a housecall or call our partners at (713) 597-7203.

Home Safety & Modifications

Receive a comprehensive home safety evaluation for your loved performed by a Family Tree home safety expert with same day service. We have also partnered with Next Day Access, a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist, to perform custom home modifications.

Home Safety Program

The Program

  • We conduct a comprehensive 144 point safety evaluation of your home, available same day with 4-hour advanced notice
  • Evaluations are performed by a clinical professional trained in our proprietary home safety methodology
  • We deliver a comprehensive report with clear instructions for executing the home safety plan (including pictures) within 24 hours
  • Most safety appointments last between 2 and 3 hours including drive time, assessment, and reporting

Transition Home Program

The Program

  • We safely transport you from the hospital to your home, picking up medications and running necessary errands on the way home
  • Appointments can be made by phone or email 7 days a week
  • Once in the home, our care professional can stay with you for as short as 4 hours or up to 24 hours (overnight)
  • Most home transitions from the hospital last 4 hours including drive time and medication pick-up

Home Modification

next day access 2

Family Tree has partnered with Next Day Access to perform home safety modifications.Next Day Access is a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS), a designation developed by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in collaboration with AARP and other experts. This special certification is achieved through training and testing during a multicourse educational program. A Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist understands the unique needs of the older adult population and is knowledgeable about aging-in-place home modifications, common remodeling projects and solutions to common barriers. Next Day Access is our trusted partner in all home modification projects.

Receive 10% off home modifications with promo code “FamilyTree.” Contact Jesse Martin at Next Day Access today at (713) 344-0031 for all your home modification needs.

Fresh Meal Delivery

Family Tree has partnered with Mom’s Meals, the national leader in delivering fresh, home-made meals directly to seniors. Each appetizing meal is delivered right to your doorstep and is easy to heat up in the microwave or the oven. With each meal priced at just $6.99 ($7.99 for pureed), Mom’s Meals is affordable and convenient. Each meal is aimed to help with senior nutrition, and 9 different menus are available for clients to choose from so that specific health needs are being met.

If you or your loved one is interested in trying out these delicious, affordable meals, please click here and remember to enter the promo code: “FamilyTree” to receive an additional 5% off your meals!

moms meals 3

Menus Focused on Specific Health Needs


  • ≤ 800 mg of sodium, < 30% fat, ≤ 10% saturated fat.
  • Meals meet nutritional guidelines of the American Heart Association


  • ≤ 75 gr carbohydrates
  • Meals meet nutritional guidelines of the American Diabetes Association


  • < 700 mg sodium, ≤ 833 mg potassium, ≤ 330 phosphorus
  • For patients on hemodialysis, home dialysis or peritoneal dialysis

Cancer Support                  

  • ≥ 600 calories, ≥ 25 gr protein
  • Developed in accordance with guidelines from American Institute for Cancer Research.


  • For those with difficulty swallowing (dysphagia)


  • Certified gluten-free & ELISA tested to be less than 20ppm gluten per meal


  • Free from beef, pork, poultry & fish. Includes dairy & eggs. (Vegan entrees available)

Lower Sodium

  • ≤ 600 mg sodium, ≤ 10% saturated fat
  • Meals meet nutritional guidelines of the American Heart Association

Telehealth Monitoring & Medical Alert

PhillipsLifeline-258x129 4

Medical Alert

Family Tree has partnered with America’s most trusted medical alert service, Phillips Lifeline. In 43 years Lifeline has assisted over 6 million people to live with greater independence, peace of mind and dignity in the place they call home.

You have choices. Feel safe and secure in and around your home with HomeSafe service or HomeSafe with AutoAlert to detect a fall. Our mobile solution, GoSafe will expand protection for you at home or on the go. Lifeline provides help 24/7. And finally, the Philips Medication Dispenser, a simple and proven pill dispenser so medication is taken on time, prompted by a convenient audio alert.

Receive FREE activation and FREE shipping & handling (a $70 value) with our promo code, “FamilyTree”.

For more information, click here.

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Telehealth Monitoring

Family Tree has partnered with the most trusted brand in telehealth services to improve access to care without the need to travel to a health care facility. Track key vital signs from the comfort of your home and receive alerts and nursing support if something is out of place. Family Tree’s Virtual Care Center is a low monthly cost and can be used in conjunction with other Family Tree services or on its own.

Telemedicine, also referred to as Telehealth, refers to “the use of technology to deliver health care services and information in order to improve access, quality and cost.” Specifically, it utilizes technologies such as remote monitoring through various devices (scale, blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter, etc.), telephone calls and videoconferencing to enhance access to care in the home.

How it works

  1. Request a demonstration at no cost
  2. Receive your tablet and Bluetooth peripheral devices at home
  3. An expert from Family Tree will set up products for you at home

What’s involved

  1. Remote patient monitoring of vital signs
  2. Medication reminders/management
  3. Incident reporting
  4. On-demand access to educational information
  5. On-demand access to clinical experts
  6. Secure video visits

Benefits to seniors:

  1. Aging in Place is Safer
    Telehealth devices can monitor heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar and more, allowing a clinician from Family Tree to keep close watch on a patient from a distance and send help if needed.
  2. Reduces Transportation Hassles
    Going to the doctor can be tough for seniors for many reasons. Some seniors live far from the doctor and others don’t drive. For some, it’s nearly impossible to leave the house due to frailty, advanced illness, or dementia. Telehealth helps monitor chronic conditions, reducing the risk of a hospitalization and allowing patients to see a doctor from home when travel is problematic.
  3. Saves Money Due to Reduced Healthcare Costs
    Using remote monitoring technologies and/or online video consultations can lower the cost of ongoing treatment and office visits.
  4. Easy Monitoring of Chronic Conditions
    Telehealth helps medical professionals monitor chronic health conditions like COPD, heart failure, diabetes, obesity, and more. Along with remote video consultations for follow-up discussions, new systems allow for remote monitoring and transmission of important information like the patient’s weight, blood sugar and vital signs in real time.
  5. Seniors Can Receive an Experts Opinion Quickly
    Family Tree provides a nurse 7 days a week. In situations where you don’t know if you should call 911 to take your senior loved one to the hospital emergency room or if it can safely wait until morning, being able to talk to a doctor immediately is a reassuring and valuable service.

Long-Term Care Insurance Management

We offer two programs to assist you with your long-term insurance claim, helping you to reduce unnecessary stress and burden.

Complimentary for Clients

Services provided:

  1. Verification of Benefits
  2. Pre-evaluation (assessment)
  3. Complete necessary forms to initiate services
  4. Fax over required documents (Copy of License, Assessment, and Service Plan)

Program 1

Services provided:

  1. Mailing/faxing invoices to Insurance carrier
  2. Mailing/faxing care logs to Insurance carrier
  3. Gathering and completing care logs
  4. Tracking system for delivery of payments
  5. Bi-weekly email updates on status of payments
  6. Handle all communication required for insurance carrier
  7. Train caregivers on how to accurately complete care logs
  8. Client is reimbursed by the insurance company

Program 2

Services provided:

  1. Same services as Package 1
  2. Family Tree directly bills the insurance carrier, assuming assignments of benefits (client is responsible if care is required outside the coverage limits)
  3. Fax over W-9