5 Ways to Celebrate the Holiday Season with Seniors 3

The upcoming holiday season is magical for many, including seniors. Here are five tips to make this holiday season special for seniors who want to celebrate.

  1. Embrace holiday-themed activities. If your senior has memory challenges, holiday-themed activities can a great way to connect. Try going through photo albums or making a holiday craft. Even something as simple as decorating holiday cards or playing a board game can prove to be a fun activity.


  1. Make sure your home is accessible. For seniors who might be visiting, it’s important to make sure your home is as safe as possible. Avoid hazards like area rugs and consider using nightlights to make hallways more navigable in the dark. If you have children or pets, make sure their toys are picked up and put away. It might be best to have your senior sleep on the first floor, close to the bathroom, so they can avoid going up and down the stairs.


  1. Cook a special (and healthy) meal. Luckily, holiday meals don’t have to be bad for you. Keep in mind any dietary restrictions your senior might have and start from there. With quick and easy main dishes like lean turkey and sides like sweet potatoes, which are rich in fiber and vitamin C, dinner does not have to be complicated. Try getting your senior into the holiday spirit by helping them dress up for dinner and by inviting friends and family to join in.


  1. Don’t overexert your senior. Although the holidays can be busy, make sure there’s enough room in the schedule for some quiet downtime. Traveling can be especially exhausting, so if your senior is traveling to visit, they might need to rest once they arrive. Consider playing some soft holiday music, complete with your senior’s favorite songs.


  1. Go out for a drive. Cold weather might make you feel like staying indoors, but if the opportunity arises, consider going out for a drive. Whether you and your senior choose to look at holiday lights or go to an event, make sure you don’t plan back-to-back activities or interrupt their usual schedule.


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