Care Management Services

Our professional advocates and care managers can help guide you and your family through challenging medical, legal and financial needs associated with aging. We develop customized care plans to support the individual integrity of each of our clients, and can assist with the following:

Liaison During Medical Appointments

Facilitate, coordinate and attend appointments with healthcare providers.

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Full-Service Coordination

Coordinate family, community, financial resources, legal resources, medical resources, personal care, long-distance care, home maintenance and organization services, and moving services.

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Diagnosis Education

Educate the patient and family about diagnostic testing, specific diagnosis, treatment options, medical procedures and pharmaceuticals.

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Insurance / Benefits Facilitation & Negotiation

Review healthcare benefits and negotiate with insurance carriers to maximize coverage opportunities including out of network benefits and claims appeal

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Medical Record Management

Obtain, organize and review all medical records as a basis for developing an individualized roadmap for achieving the best possible healthcare experience and outcomes

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Manage Transitions

Coordinate and organize transitional care needs including hospital discharge planning, rehabilitation, home health care, assisted living, in-home assessments, care planning, and medication oversight.

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Why Hire a Professional Care Manager?

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Our advocate and care managers can lower your expenses in the long run by helping you (1) plan ahead and avoid hasty decisions that might prove unnecessary or overly expensive, (2) understand healthcare benefits and negotiate with insurance providers, and (3) evaluate cost effective solutions for managing care and living arrangements.

Make Better Decisions

With over 100 years of collective clinical and administrative experience on our team and vast healthcare network at our fingertips, we can help you make better decisions no matter how complex your particular situation is.

Relieve Stress & Burden

We know that caring for an aging loved one is stressful and emotionally difficult – we have been in your shoes. Let our compassionate and knowledgeable advocates and care managers help guide you and your family through this challenging time and relieve you of unnecessary stress and burden.

Hiring Us Helps a Family in Need

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